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Learn how to make the best Espresso Martini this Christmas

You read that right, for those of you unaware on how to nail an espresso martini, read on. For the aficionados among you, maybe you'll pick up a trick or two as well. 

Firstly, you don't need an espresso machine to knock these bad boys out. We're placing a bet that you'll probably have one of those old school moka pot/stovetop coffee makers knocking about somewhere. It's time to dust that off and put it to use. 

Given it's that time of festive joy and spirit, we'd recommend making this with our hot-off-the-roaster Christmas Blend, obviously. It makes for a banging and funky espresso on its own, and paired with all the good things that make an espresso martini, it's rather dreamy indeed. 

Serves 2 

  • 100ml Vodka 
  • 50ml freshly brewed espresso coffee
  • 50ml coffee liqueur - we use Kahlua 
  • 1tbsp sugar syrup 
  • Ice
  • Sumac, if feeling bougie
  1. Half an hour or so before you want to be sipping on greatness, pop two martini glasses into the fridge to chill out. 
  2. Fill a cocktail shaker (or a lidded glass jar works well too) with a good handful of ice, the espresso, vodka, sugar syrup and kahlua. 
  3. Give it a real good shake, until your vessel of choice gets cold and your hands feel frosty. 
  4. Strain into your chilled martini glasses. You could pop some coffee beans on top if you're a traditionalist... but you can't eat them, so what's the point?! Instead we find a sprinkling of sumac not only makes for a wonderful visual note, but brings some bright acidity to the rich cocktail too. 


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