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Book Club $15.52

The perfect, warming winter brew. Expect notes of creamy chocolate mousse and walnuts with an orange acidity.

This comes from the Garigekhan Estate, a large farm operated by Kelachandra Coffee Group, a company with a focus on sustainable and socially-conscious coffee production in India's Western Ghats. The estate is adjacent to the Methodi Sanctuary range of the Bhadra Tiger Reserve in Chikmagalur. The farm boasts an enviable position for specialty coffee production in the inner Giri range of Chikmagalur. Arabica coffee, pepper, turmeric, oranges and lemons all grow in harmony alongside a canopy of native Ficus, some of which are nearly 100 years old.

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1600 masl

Region: Chikmagalu, India

Variety: Catuai