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A crisp, bright coffee from the Apaneca volcanic mountains in El Salvador, with notes of pink lady apples and a clean sweetness. 

Finca El Cocal is one of the farms belonging to Agricola San Agustin, an Alfaro family company with four generations of specialty coffee production, processing and exporting experience. Based in the Apaneca Llamatepec mountains in El Salvador,  the farm is 10.5ha in size and includes the varieties of Bourbon, Pacas and Gesha. 

The town of Ataco is known for its ideal climate and altitude. Located 1,300 meters above sea level, it provides the ideal growing conditions and climate for coffee cultivation.

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Altitude: 1250m

Region: Apaneca, Illamatepec, El Salvador

Variety: Red Bourbon