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Subscription frequency

Weekly - around 3-4 coffees a day

Fortnightly - around 2 coffees a day

Monthly - around 1 coffee a day

Our Elsewhere SPECIAL FEATURE coffee, hand selected by our head roaster. We rotate this coffee seasonally to ensure banging flavours all year round. Shipped completely for free. 

What's in the bag at the moment? - 

OUTER WORLD - our first Honduran coffee is a real scorcher! Expect a clean but complex cup with a boozy dark rum body, wild berry acidity and sticky date sweetness.

Exporter and producer, Benjamin Paz and his team have changed the face of Santa Barbara coffee and how it’s viewed around the world, winning several Cup of Excellence awards in the process. The Parainema varietal is particularly interesting as it was initially developed and grown in the region due to it’s high resistence to coffee plant rust. Many producers began to experiment, improving their processes and have developed this delicious coffee carefully over time.

Approximately a third of all under 30 year olds in Honduras migrate elsewhere, which has become a major problem in the region’s coffee industry. This coffee showcases a blend of natural processed Parainema coffee from 5 producers in the region who are aged 30 and under, highlighting the future of Honduras specialty coffee.

Region: Santa Barbara, Honduras

Varietal: Parainema

Altitude: 1250 - 1600 masl

Process: Natural

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